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USSI | An Acoustical and Industrial Building Podcast

Aug 9, 2019

Yes! Every single project should consider noise control. It could simply start with asking the question, "do we think noise might be an issue here?" and go from there. If the answer is a confident "no," then you're done and you move on. If the answer is "yes," or "I'm not sure," then more work is needed.

Tim has three arguments for considering noise control on every project.

  1. Noise Control costs much less in the design stage than during post-construction mitigation.
  2. Noise should be a facility design consideration because noise controls can affect other operational parameters.
  3. If you don't consider noise in the planning and design stages, you have already taken some good options off the table. I have a good story for this, but we're short on time. I'll just say that cost-effective noise control options could include choosing a different site (with fewer or farther away neighbors), buying more land, or orienting the facility a different way. Of course once you buy and build, you're pretty much stuck with what you have.

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